Staci Hilton

Dear Family and Friends,

A group of nine of us went to Lake Arrowhead for the Redondo Beach “Annual” Retreat. This “annual” retreat has not taken place since 2019. I missed it so much and am so grateful for the getaway. The theme was Release and Restore, and I believe that most of us did just that. I tuned in to Dr. Rima briefly as I awaited the Sunday Service to begin in Arrowhead, and she is so fantastic. I truly admire and am in awe of her wisdom. Unfortunately, we had the Uvalde. Texas shooting last week, and yesterday the shooting in Tulsa. It is hard even to continue to speak about the sadness that my heart feels. As I heard many times on the news, I can’t do one more moment of silence or light one more candle because it doesn’t even seem to mean anything anymore. After examining what is mine to do, I mindfully turned away and then picked up my favorite Ernest Holmes book, This Thing Called You. This is where my focus is right here and now.

I realize that there is a Divine Presence at the center of my being.
I let this recognition flow through my entire consciousness.
I let it reach down into the very depths of my being.
I rejoice in this realization.
The perfect Life of God is in and through me, in every part of my being.
As the sun dissolves the mist, so my acceptance of Life dissolves all pain and discord.
I am free because the Spirit of Life in me is perfect.
It remolds and recreates my body after the likeness of the Divine pattern of body which exists in the Mind of God.
Even now the living Spirit is flowing through me.
I open wide the doorway of my consciousness to Its influx.
I permit this physical body to receive the living Spirit in every action, function, cell and organ.
I know that my whole being manifest the life, love, peace, harmony, strength and joy of the Spirit which indwells me, which is incarnated in me, which is my entire being.
I am now made vigorous and whole.
I possess the vitality of the Infinite.
I am strong and well.
The life of the Spirit is my life.
All of Its strength is my strength.
Its power is my power.
Its body is my body.
Every breath I draw is a breath of perfection, vitalizing, upbuilding and renewing every cell of my body.

Thank you, Dr. Holmes, for precisely expressing what allows me to move forth in a little more peace on this day.


Rev. Staci