Staci Hilton

Dear Family and Friends,

Since March 2020, humankind has been through all sorts of conditions and appearances. Some of us recognized that there was this virus named COVID.

In contrast, others were in denial of that condition; some have recognized the appearance of that which we call racism and sexism. In contrast, others don’t see that appearance, and now many are feeling a sense of lack and limitation due to a condition called inflation, yet many are unaffected by even that.

Interestingly, while some are seemingly unaffected by the rise in prices, there is at least the acknowledgment that this is something that we as humankind are going through at this point and time in history.

What if we all, even if we don’t believe in the virus or sickness, racism, sexism, or prejudice against a particular group, what if we all just at least came to an agreement that we are willing to look through the eyes and hear through the ears of those that are feeling that they are going through this experience at this moment in time?

What if we do not deny conditions and practice an outpouring of compassion as we have never done in the past. What if whatever condition and appearance is mine today, my brother, sister, friends, and neighbors choose to send a kind and loving thought of my well-being and not deny and take issue, feel blamed, or shamed. What if? Wouldn’t that be the beginning of a world that works for all? It is my belief that it would be a good start.


Rev. Staci