“We are thinking, choosing centers of awareness in this Mind and, according to the sum total of all our thoughts, we are either silently attracting good to us or repelling it from us.”
-Dr. Ernest Holmes, The Power of an Idea

Dear Friends and Family, 

I found this quote and story in an email from Rev Scott Awbrey, who is a ministerial colleague. He always inspires me. Let’s all practice freeing our mind and allowing the rest to follow.
Make it a great week!


Thich Nhat Hanh, as a boy, one day looked into a large, water-filled clay jar and saw a beautiful leaf of many colors. It rested at the bottom of the water, out of reach of his arm. He found a stick, but no matter how he swirled the water, he could not make the leaf rise to the surface.

Giving up, he walked away. When he returned, a few moments later, the leaf lay upon the surface of the water, and he picked it up. The water had continued to swirl while he was away, bringing the leaf to the surface.

This is how our unconscious minds work. When we have a problem to solve, struggling with our conscious mind becomes futile at a certain point. We must be able to stir the water and step away for a moment.

Rev Staci