ear Friends and Family,

Wednesday afternoon was the discussion of the book of the month for our Healing Words Book Club. The book that we chose to begin this year was Caste, by Isabel Wilkerson.

One of our members, Sharon Seely, recommended it late last year when it was announced as the #1 NY Times Best Seller and Oprah’s latest Book Club choice. The book parallels the U.S. Caste system with India and Nazi Germany. The author’s research is phenomenal, and she provides some fascinating examples of the treatment of Black Americans and discusses the complicated foundation from which this country was built.

There were nineteen of us that participated in the discussion last night. We are all from different backgrounds, races, and cultures, born and raised in various places in the states, others that were not born in this country and had no idea why this social construct (race) that the U.S. invented was still so prevalent.

The discussion allowed us to discuss and share our experiences from this new way of thinking about race relations and decide how we all want to move forward from here. One thing that is for certain, none of us will be able to say that we were not aware. We have all been awakened by the author’s words, and whether we like what we read or not, there are facts and truth in these words.

Now it is up to us to see how we can move forward together and unify our country. I want to express my gratitude to all that participated. This is the work of creating a world that works for all. We will not always agree, but if we stay in the place of expressing love and light for the highest good, we will be able to move forward in life more often than not.

Rev Staci


group discussing the book Caste
To Be or Not to be?
by Staci Hylton
Some say they are woke
Eyes are un-moveable
In a fixed stare of unwillingness
Not one-sided
To see one has to open
To be truly awake is to be
Pliable, moveable, free-flowing
The way one dances effortlessly in the
Sunshine and the hurricane
The oak and elm stand tall
And proud
Both are woke.
How do I know?
They lean on each other
Not competing or rivaling
They lean on each other and bend
Me, my baby browns are red
Maybe from being woke,
Most times they want to shut
Even when closed not always at rest
How can I practice my sway in the storm?
How can I truly wake when I can’t sleep?