Staci Hilton

“When you get your “Who am I?” question right, all the “What should I do?” questions tend to take care of themselves.”
-Richard Rohr-

Dear Family and Friends,

My talk title last Sunday was Question Everything, and I began with a story about Rev Cheryl and my trip to Indian Wells, CA, and my first and last trip on the CA Hwy 40. The good news about that first and last trip down that road was a brand new adventure.

It brought about the realization of my values around safety security vs. saving time. It was a little uncomfortable for about 40 miles, but it ended up being a time of growth. Twenty or 30 minutes of discomfort to discover my values, attitudes, and beliefs around these facets in life have led me to a freer, fuller, and more expansive version of myself.

So it was a safe trip, a great use of time while driving, an incredible adventure, and a reminder of how to question my thoughts, my beliefs, and my attitudes around all things.

I will see some of you this Friday morning @ 11:30 so that we can Consciously Create a New You in this New Year.

Much Love,
Rev. Staci