Staci Hilton

Dear Family and Friends,

As we are here at the CSL convention, where we are experiencing Nakedness with our friends and colleagues, here is a blurb from Rev. Celeste:

To have real conversations with humans and all of life, we have to start with a conversation with God. It’s where we listen more than we talk. Care and connection between leaders and teams creates cultures of courage and trust and leaves fear behind.

Cutting through all of that must begin with receiving the Divine impress of Spirit. Everything starts with Spirit. Shed every barrier and accept the blessings. Trust God. Release the fear and embrace the Love. Let’s get naked before God!

If you missed Rev. Staci’s interview on Rev. Celeste’s podcast “Mystic Magic,” we are reposting it here. See you on Sunday.

Rev. Staci &
Rev. Cheryl

grace under water

Grace Under Water
Rev. Staci Hylton