Staci Hilton

Dear Family and Friends,

As we all know the topic of forgiveness is one that brings about feelings of discomfort for many people. I brought out the new sparkly boots so that perhaps when we think about the “F” word that we can think about it from a place of excitement and newness.

Once we have forgiven we have then unlocked the key to our hearts to move forward in life. I find great excitement in that truth. Forgiveness is a tool that is transformational and there are a great many practices in which we can go about achieving it.

Our Healing Words Book Club just read Desmond and Mpho Tutu’s book, The Book of Forgiving, which provided us with even more practices and ways in which to deepen our understanding as to the importance of this tool. Simply, “I forgive because I am a perfect spiritual being that is and will forever be a flawed human being. Not being perfect means that sometimes we will hurt ourselves and one another.

If the goal or aspiration is to create a world that works for all, practicing forgiveness is a non-negotiable so if it is a must then let’s have fun with it and go about our business of creating that world that works for all beginning with each one of us.

Rev. Staci