Staci Hilton

Dear Family and Friends,

By all appearances, from YouTube, it appears that all went smoothly this past Sunday here at LVCSL. Rev Cheryl and I had the opportunity to watch Sunday Service as we were packing up to come back home to Vegas, and it was fantastic. Big Love to Rev Wanda, Amie, Kitty, Lauren, Patty, Dave, and of course Yvonne, Charlie and Kadin.

It is lovely to know how much pride and love is put into our service whether Rev Cheryl is here or not. We are forever grateful for your commitment, dedication, and service.

We had a wonderful time in Los Angeles this weekend. We got to go to some of our favorite hangouts to see family/friends. The weather was gorgeous, and we had the opportunity to attend some friends beautiful wedding. It isn’t often that we get to just attend a wedding these days.

I am beyond grateful for the time away and am ready to plant seeds for what is next for our beautiful community. Stay tuned!

Rev. Staci