ear Friends and Family,

“I have no doubt but that if we were to completely surrender ourselves to this Divine Presence and let it guide us, everything would be all right in our lives.”
-Dr. Ernest Holmes-The Power of This Thing Called Life

We are now in full holiday mode. Many of us are finishing putting out our holiday decorations, we have finished making our lists, and checking them twice to prepare for our Holiday celebrations. We all spend a great deal of our time, talent, and treasure with this preparation.

I wonder how 2021 will be if we each decide to prepare the way for what is next consciously. Suppose we choose to set aside, time to practice the presence through meditation and contemplation if we practice forgiveness, gratitude, and compassion if we shine a light on the shadow sides of ourselves and choose to use affirmative prayer instead of choosing to worry.

That might indeed be the answer to the making of a brighter year. I plan to prepare my year by ending 2020 on a high note. I am facilitating my annual Conscious Creation workshop on Wednesday, December 30, 2020, from 11 am-1 pm. This workshop allows us to be together and “ring out the old while we ring in the new.”

We usually do this in person, but this year we will be together on Zoom. I have no idea how the class will unfold; however, I know that something wonderful always happens when like-minded beings are together. How can we not create something magnificent for each of our lives?

If you are interested, please contact me using my email address, minister4lvcsl@gmail.com. The cost is $20, and please buy yourself something sparkling so that we can end our workshop with a toast to the New Year.

See you in person or on Facebook Live on December 20.

Rev Staci