Staci Hilton

Dear Family and Friends,

This past Sunday, we had probably more people in our sanctuary than we have since the beginning of COVID. It was a wonderful feeling and energy.

Our own Rev Cynthia from Agape International gave our Sunday talk, and she introduced us to another beautifully gifted and talented singer from Agape International, Nadine, who has the voice of an angel. Rev Cynthia continued the conversation about the gifts of Nature and how it has so much wisdom that we humans can learn from if we just watch, look, and listen.

I believe that our community is shifting and moving into a new season. Rev Cynthia spoke about spring being the season in which newness and growth show up.

I affirm and know that now is a season of growth, expansion, and collaboration for our community. We welcome newness; we welcome loving and talented souls that promote Oneness, Love, and Truth.

Our doors are open to the creativity of the Law to take the thoughts and attributes of the Divine along with the strong, passionate feeling and beliefs of the importance of awakening humanity to its magnificence so that we might continue on our path to creating a world that world that works for all.

See you all this Sunday for a joint service with our new roommates, Unity Las Vegas.


Rev. Staci