Staci Hilton

Dear Friends and Family, 

Well, we did it! Thanks to many of you, we raised not just the $5,259 that we had said that we would, but the total as of August 18, 2021, was $6,535. WOW, that did not take us very long at all!

We have submitted to the Hefferlin Foundation everything required to receive a $5,259 check to match our efforts. Reverend Cheryl and I are beyond grateful for each person that has stepped forward to contribute to our spiritual home.

To point to Rev Wanda’s talk title, Sparkling Imagination, all we had to do was be clear and definite about what we wanted and surrender that to the Infinite. Dr. Ernest Holmes says in the SOM textbook page 398.4, “The creative power responds to feeling more quickly than any other mental attitude.”

What a powerful powerful example of creating that which we want. Sometimes, it is a little easier when we are not as attached to something to glean the clarity needed to create exactly what we each want.

Therefore, if you find yourself in need of a bit of detachment, please do not hesitate to give one of the Practitioners or Ministers a call. It is our pleasure to be of service.

Rev Staci