Dear Friends and Family, 

I thought our Easter Service turned out even better than expected. Thank you, Practitioners Aldo and Kitty, Rev Cheryl, Patty, and Dave for allowing us to feel that sense of renewal, restoration, rebirth, and resurrection. It goes on record as one of my most favorite Easter Services ever.

As we are in the midst of spring, it is time to plant the seeds for what is next in our lives. I am planting the seeds of prosperity, the realization of perfect health and wholeness in all aspects of my own life. As I plant those seeds, I must remember to dig up any weeds in my belief system that might hinder my demonstration of prosperity, perfect health, and wholeness. I must remember to nurture those seeds through affirmations and prayer and know that the outcome is my birthright.

We have each come through a very challenging year. I believe that all of us have been forever changed by the various events that 2020 brought about. Many of us are vaccinated and/or have a belief system that supports the realization of health and wellness. So let’s start planting the seeds of tomorrow. What will you plant?

Please let me know how I may support the growth of your next manifestation.

Much Love,
Rev Staci