Staci Hilton

“The sweetness of living comes to us when the very humanness we regret and try to hide, our seeming flaws and shameful secrets, are worked by time and nature into a honey all their own.”- Mark Nepo

Dear Family and Friends,

The theme for April was vulnerability. As we all are probably aware, it isn’t always easy to practice vulnerability. The feeling of baring our souls to the world is not for the faint of heart.

However, there is power in us looking at who we are being on this physical plane. The possibility for us to transform, shift, and even evolve into new possibilities comes through our realization of how we are currently showing up.

We could do this by ourselves; however, we don’t always have the ability to detach, so it usually helps us to either find someone that we are completely comfortable with and trust with all of our hearts or speak with a complete stranger.

We are truly funny beings. Here is what has become clear to me, the road to transformation is through the adventure of vulnerability. I am here to take off my mask and lay down my armor so that more of the Truth of who I am shows up more and more each day.

Rev Staci Hylton