Staci Hilton

Dear Family and Friends,

In a world that is seemingly more and more about “Me” as opposed to “We,” it is absolutely refreshing and encouraging to work with a group of unpaid volunteers that would take their time, talent, treasure, and energy to bring one of the most beautiful services that we have ever had the blessing to have in our community. 

Our Professional Practitioners are an amazing asset to our organization. It may come as no surprise that, in my viewpoint, we have one of the best teams of practitioners around, and that is because they always show up; not only do they hold us up in prayer, but also they are the largest supporters in every aspect of Las Vegas CSL (that includes financially). 

It isn’t always easy to blend new team members with those that have been here with us for a while, and yet this team has learned to trust one another and allow their true selves to show up to be a blessing that the world needs. 

Big thank you to Practitioner Jamie Jette, who took the lead this past Sunday, and her husband Bob Jette, who, although he isn’t a Practitioner, contributed his magnificence, love, and dollars for the outstanding guest musicians. 

Thank you to Practitioners Ardelia, Frannie, Lauren, Cathy, Juanita, Dasie, Kim, and Kitty and our Practitioners-in-training Yvonne, Gail, and Sharon. 

I am grateful for not just a beautiful service but, more importantly, a beautiful way of modeling what the love of our teaching looks and feels like. You all inspire me to be a better me.

Rev Staci Hylton