Dear Friends and Family, 

Our apologies to those who could not see and/or hear the presentation from our Annual Meeting. If you would like to see, the PowerPoint slides that our Treasurer, Kathy Rogers, prepared, please reach out to Rev Cheryl or myself, and we will make sure that you have access.

As I think about the definition of Bless-itation, the paradoxical state between excitement, anticipation, and hesitation, I am reminded of my feelings last Sunday. Perhaps that is exactly what happened after service with the annual meeting. For Rev Cheryl, and myself there was definitely a sense of excitement and anticipation to present the events of the past year, along with a sense of hesitation about the current financial picture.

As we all know, there are no accidents. We create our reality. The energy that we bring to situations is created by our feelings and beliefs. Those feelings and beliefs create an energy field, which is the law of our being. The law always says, “Yes”! Therefore, when I receive a little chaos and confusion in the world of my affairs, my work is to look within and bless all of it.

I must realize that I have within me a power and energy to create smooth sailing at any given moment by removing the hesitation and trusting that allows all things to show up with ease and grace. It was another chance to remind myself exactly that which I needed to remember.

Thank you all that showed up in support. I am forever grateful for the various ways in which you continue to serve our community.

Rev Staci