Staci Hilton

I open myself up to the fullness and allness of life knowing that I am guided, guarded, directed and protected in each and every breath. All is always well in Spirit.

Dear Family and Friends,

Rev Wanda gave us a glimpse of the life and times of Rev Peggy Bassett, who had one of the most successful ministries in Religious Science. Our founder, Rev Cynthia Clair, and her mother, Practitioner Pauline Clow, were under Rev Peggy at the Huntington Beach Church of Religious Science, and so were many of our ministers and practitioners now at Centers for Spiritual Living.

I didn’t have the pleasure to know Rev Peggy. However, it sounds as though she definitely co-created her ministry, knowing there is no lack or limitation in the mind of the Divine. Anyone that has had the success that she did indeed practiced vulnerability.

From a leadership perspective, vulnerability is imperative to the success of any work. When there is a willingness to open up, show up and take forward movement and not know your next step or even if your legs will carry you. You stand and know that power and presence are always within you.

From my personal experience, if I can breathe my way into that space where that awareness is, then Spirit can move me the rest of my way through my journey. I would ask that each of you take a breath in and know with me that all is well with LVCSL and all its various efforts in creating a world that works for all.

Much love,
Rev Staci