Dear Friends and Family,

“Early on, the immensely gifted boy was listening to the waterfall of music cascading out of the eternal silence while holding off the storm of the world. He kept working his gift as his gift worked him. He kept searching for the still point, not to retreat from life, but from which to engage
the music of life more directly.”
Seven Thousand Ways to Listen-Mark Nepo

I trust that each of you had a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration. I am sure it may have been different; however, if you have not started already, let us begin to embrace different. I am positive that it will make life much easier as we go through this transitory period if we are open and receptive to things being different.

That idea is something that my heart has been telling me for a couple of months now. As each new day dawns, I am finding that my heart is strong, wise, ready, willing, and able to provide me with all that is required for my continued journey on this plane.

I trust that I am on my path, that all is well on this path, and if and when my heart (dharma) calls for an adjustment, that a new pathway is made plain and clear. I know this for not only myself but also all others that choose to follow their hearts.

Rev Staci