Dear Friends and Family,

Last Sunday we had the great pleasure of hearing one of our favorite voices, the voice that we have always known to bring us power and love, but we heard her present her voice differently. What we now know is that Rev. Dr. Mortinette has a powerful voice not just in her singing us a song, but also in her delivering a talk. How exciting to see this beautiful soul move into what is next and express herself in a different format.

I am so grateful for the inspiration and love that she always provides. Thank you, Rev. Dr. Mortinette, for the gift of your love, joy, power, grace, and talent. May you be singing, speaking or anything else, please know that you are always welcome here at LVCSL.

Change is among us. We are moving into uncharted waters as a nation. While it may be exciting to some, others may be feeling a little uneasy and fearful. Those that have felt safe, comfortable in life, may be nervous as to how this shaking of the foundation will affect them. Please know that for us to create a world that works for all, life had to be shaken up. This is the very vision that we have been moving toward. Know with me that each of us is always guided, guarded, and protected in our next steps.

If at this time, you find yourself in a place of uneasiness and perhaps feeling fearful, now is the time to move into the silence so that you might hear what is yours to do. Whatever it is, please know that Rev Cheryl, the Ministry of Prayer Team, and I are here for you when you need us. We love and support each of you on your right and perfect path.

Rev Staci