Dear Friends and Family,

I do not know how you all feel, but I love Daniel Nahmod. He is an extraordinary musician who cares about humanity. Because he is in alignment with who he came here to be and what he believes, everything he is a part of is a beautiful experience. He may have something else to say, but as an outsider looking in, that is certainly how it appears to me.

I am so grateful for him giving us the gift of his voice last Sunday. The music was, of course, wonderful, and the talk was relevant and so heartfelt. It does not get better than that for me. Thank you, Daniel, for your gift to Las Vegas CSL. The Sunday crew was grateful for a day off, and your words and voice blessed all of the viewers.

For those of you that intend to be here on Sunday, Rev Cheryl and I will finally see you then. Please remember we want everyone to be safe, so no hugs, no kisses, no offense! We will be taking temperatures, asking that you wear masks and practice physical distancing. If you do not have a reservation and plan to be here, please make sure that you call the office, Rev Cheryl, or myself to make sure we have you on the list.

Rev Staci