Staci Hilton

To be extraordinary is to be connected to this spiritual aspect of yourself and to feel it move you to create, change, invent, and rattle the world.” – Vishen Lakhiani, “

Dear Family and Friends,

It was lovely to have had the blessing of Rev Celeste speaking at our Center last week. She is such a powerful being that she has the gift of talking the talk and walking the walk. In my eyes, Rev Celeste shows up as not only a minister who knows how to express beautifully from the pulpit but also writes, teaches, counsels, and shares information, experience, and wisdom to all seeking Truth.

This is what makes her one of my favorite ministers in our organization. Thank you, Rev Celeste, for the courage to create, change, and shake up the world in which we live. You have been one of my first models of how to show up as a minister, and my life and ministry are forever changed by how you show up and out. I am forever grateful and appreciative.

Rev Celeste has a few books on sale in our bookstore. If you are interested, please check them out.

Peace and Blessings,
Rev Staci