Dear Friends & Family,

My talk last Sunday was about Transcending Fear and my favorite acronym for FEAR is Face Everything and Rise. I have found that as my trust and faith deepens, there is absolutely nothing too much to handle.

Each of our jobs as spiritual beings having a human experience is to practice detachment so that we are able to see all of life’s events as an opportunity for growth and to practice more love and compassion. Obviously, that goal is not always easy. From my vantage point, few attain it; nonetheless, if the great Master Teacher did it, he was made of, and from the same stuff I am then it is possible. 

Those of us in attendance at Wednesday Night at the Well were able to spend time together and watch the documentary The Biggest Little Farm.  What a great reminder of the interconnectedness of all life. All life has significance and as we each understand and come to an appreciation for each Creation then we actually practice that which we teach. 

In the book the Contemplative Life, Goldsmith says this, “Through the contemplative life, you come to a whole new state of consciousness in which, while you are still aware that there are evils in the world, no longer do you sit in judgment on them or condemn them, no longer do you misunderstand them. Now you have compassion because you understand why they are taking place. Furthermore, you know that they must continue to take place in each person’s experience until he is awakened.”  

For those interested in finding that which is theirs to do in regards to the planet, please take some time to contemplate the interconnectedness of all life and allow yourself to just be still and open to that which will be revealed. 

Rev. Staci