Staci Hilton

Dear Family and Friends,

Our conscious creation class that was held here this past Saturday was a lot of fun. We built community and connection within our group of 22 students, and I trust that each of us is moving into 2024, knowing that we have done some work on what we want.

In the last exercise in class, we allowed each person (if they chose) to write an affirmation and read it to the group with feeling and passion. Our beloved Kadin, our sound technician, has been in this teaching since he was maybe 3 years old. He hasn’t taken any formal classes. However, his grandparents are fixtures here at LVCSL (Sharon and Larry Seely). It shouldn’t be a surprise that our beloved sound guy is listening. At the ripe old age of twenty-four, he has big plans for himself and his new life. Thanks for being a great young man and for actually taking the time to listen. I was so impressed with his affirmation that I asked him to share it with us so we can know this for him and his fiancé.

As the new year approaches, I gratefully reflect on the blessings and lessons of this past year. I express deep gratitude for every experience that has shaped me. I welcome the upcoming year with an open heart, expecting love, joy, peace, abundance, and vibrant health. I embrace the unknown with optimism, knowing each moment is a canvas for growth and fulfillment. I am ready to manifest a new chapter filled with blessings and positive transformations.-Kadin Reese.

And So It Is! Happy New Year to each, and please join us for service this coming Sunday so that we can each release that which no longer serves.

Much Love,