Dear Friends & Family,

The energy in the world flows
from God at the center, and back to God.
The sages see life as a wheel,
with each individual
going round and round through birth and death.
Individuals remain on this wheel
as long as they believe themselves to be separate;
but once they realize their unity with God,
then they break free.
–The Svetasvantara Upanishad

You are the content of your consciousness;
In knowing yourself you will know
the Universe.
— Krishnamurti

This week my intention was to remind us how blessed we are to have a place to be reminded of the truth of our being. We don’t believe we are sinners or worms or created from a vengeful God that is loving some of the time. Our teaching is a philosophy whose mission is to awaken humanity to its magnificence. That is really the truth of who each of us is (YES, all of Us!). The difference in how we express is our choice.

Unfortunately, many are not taught the fact that we are all magnificent and the collective conscious certainly is not aware of that truth so we slip into false beliefs and ideals of ourselves and therefore create our own realities from that place. On the one hand it is job security (just kidding)…I believe that we as Science of Mind Representatives (if you will) can make it our job to model the truth as often as possible. Gandhi said, “People become what they expect themselves to become.” In the book, Eastern Wisdom Western Soul by Richard Singer, he offers this meditation for the world,

“Currently, the state of the Universe is disheartening and full of suffering due to the presence of a single destructive force. This force is exclusivity; in other words, our idea of being separated is based on outside characteristics and excludes valuable human beings because of physical and ego-driven traits. This state of mind is pathetic and insane. The only principle that can save us from the devastating effects of this exclusivity is the purity of love. This means a demonstration of love for the totality of humanity, as well as embracing the unity and oneness of all living beings.”

Finally, I made a mistake on Sunday by mentioning the young man’s name that is in the Truancy Program. I am not sworn to confidentiality however it was not necessary. I perhaps added insult to injury by stating that I didn’t know his ethnicity. I am quite sure that I do know what it is but realized that maybe I was “outing” him. I just want the Universe to know that I see him, I love him and am praying for his highest and best and am committed to doing all that I can help him see his own magnificence.

I love and appreciate all of you!

Rev. Staci