Dear Friends & Family,

I am happy in my relationships and with my creative self-expression. My thoughts, feelings and beliefs are in alignment which create a perfectly healthy physical body and therefore I experience perfect health. My Source always provides me with the finances to have more than enough for my well-being and I have more than enough to spare and share. I am an abundant child of the Universe and am richly blessed. – Rev Staci

These affirmations came to me after contemplating the talk title for this past Sunday, “Who Are the Poor?” I asked each of you in attendance on Sunday to think about how you would answer that question. As I mentioned before, the answer to this question may feel as though it comes from a place of judgment, but we all have not only a right to decide what that means for each of us, but as practicing Religious Scientists we have a responsibility so that we may create our reality.

There is a world of collective consciousness that will tell you exactly who are the poor and you might subscribe to that notion. That is perfectly fine! For me, Poor has much less to do with dollars in the bank than it has to do with spiritual, creative and/or moral and ethical bankruptcy. With that being said, I enjoy living from a place of financial freedom far more than from limited means of income.

As Syltoya’s power talk reminded us, we each were made in the image and likeness of the Divine Presence, which gave us freedom of choice. Are we choosing that which will provide us wealth, happiness and wholeness or are we, “Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly”?

This has been a busy month of travel and self-exploration. What I know now for sure is that I am choosing to create a rich and wealthy life of friendships and a wonderful ministry, and as I continue in moving forward on that path, I find myself wealthier each moment. I am happy. I am rich. I am blessed. I am a Divine emanation of the One Spirit here to do great things in even the smallest ways.

Love you all,
Rev Staci