Dear Friends and Family,

Sunday’s Taizé Service was put together to celebrate our theme for the month of March, which is the Divine Feminine. This type of service allowed us to just sit with the words spoken, videos presented, music, and lyrics that were sung together and practice silence together. The intent was to have our service differently. The talk title was the Holy Re imagined, and so we restructured our service so that we might walk alone together and contemplate the idea of the Feminine Energy. God is not a man or woman but has both masculine and feminine attributes. Because each of us is made in Its likeness, we all have those attributes; however, many of us do not always take the time to focus our attention on the fullness of who each of us is. We as a society practice doingness as opposed to beingness, so last Sunday, it is my prayer that we took the time to bring to our awareness and our understanding of the nature of Spirit as well as experience the oneness with one another.
Ernest Holmes said, “It has been said that we can know God only in so far as we can become God.”
With all that is going on in the world, right now, we should allow ourselves the gift of practicing the benefit of our feminine attributes being open, receptive, and nurturing one another and Spirit. Thank you to all that were in attendance this past Sunday. You made a special service even more special by the gift of your presence.

 Namasté Rev. Staci