Dear Friends and Family,

Rev Wanda always stays in principle, makes her point, and even when not attempting to sugarcoat the medicine, she makes us laugh. I loved her message and was so glad that she spoke before us, hearing the news that the next few days brought us.

As you have probably have heard by now, the office here at LVCSL remains open from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday-Thursday, and Rev Cheryl and I are both here (please call first to make sure we are here).

We will be going Facebook Live for our Sunday Services at 10 a.m. Sunday mornings. As of right now, we will have Patty, Dave, the sound technicians, Yvonne (doing our live-stream), Three (3) Practitioners, and/or Ministers from our Ministry of Prayer Team as well as Rev Cheryl and myself. That amounts to 10 of us here on Sundays.

We pray that you will join us at We will be posting upcoming classes and promise to do our best to connect with you during our time of social distancing. We do ask for your continued financial support to maintain our mission of Creating a World that Works for all.

It all begins with each one of us. Please call the office if any of you need anything or know of someone that can use our resources. This is the time we must stand together in Truth knowing that we stand stronger collectively than we do individually.

With that being said, know that you are love and loved. We will see you on Facebook.

Rev. Staci