Dear Friends & Family,

 just want to express my gratitude for Julie’s willingness to share her story, “The Gifts of a Broken Hip” with the community. It was a powerful reminder for all of us to stay in integrity with that which we say we believe. 

We all are overjoyed when we set our intentions and manifest exactly that which we say that we want. What about when we find our self in the midst of a dark night of the soul. Life shows up and presents us with a health challenge, loss of a partner/spouse, parent, child, or friend. How do we feel about the teaching when we have more month than money? 

Does the teaching not work in these times? Are we practicing it incorrectly? Most of us that have been in the teaching for a while realize that growth comes from the challenges that life presents. Challenge and Hardship is when the rubber meets the road. It is the opportunity for us to see exactly what each of us believes and live from a place of integrity. Or not? I invite each one of us to look at those things that are seemingly not working in life from a place of gratitude because I promise you that these are the things that are truly blessings in disguise. 

Thank you to those on the Ministry of Prayer Team that participated last Sunday for helping share Julie’s story. For all of you that are in a dark night, please reach out to any of your Ministers or Practitioners anytime so that we might have the honor and privilege of knowing the truth for you. I love and appreciate all of you. 

Julie Rodela, “You Rock” – Thank you for being a living example of the Science of Mind. 

Rev Staci