Dear Friends & Family,

The Revs and I are extremely grateful for those that were in service last Sunday morning. It is my prayer that each of you that were present not only were reminded of our accomplishments from 2018, but also felt a sense of pride in the fact that our Center is on target to achieve its mission and vision. We express love, empower lives and inspire hearts, and as we do that we live into CSL’s ideal of awakening humanity to its spiritual magnificence thereby creating a world that works for everyone.

It was amazing to see how much we have done together; my prayer this week is that we touch even more lives next year. My first call to action this past Monday morning was to dust off my May McCarthy book “Path to Wealth” and use that which worked so well for me last year. Wake up, read something for the purpose of contemplation, say “Thank You” and express to the universe (in the form of a written letter) my gratitude for that which has taken place and for that which I want to manifest in my life.

My job is to write with clarity, meaning and feeling and then just sit back and watch it unfold. It is a simple process that works. Thank you Spirit for the reminder. I am so thrilled that May McCarthy will be back at the end of the month for more inspiration and guidance to move me back on my path to wealth. Will anyone join me?

Love you all,
Rev. Staci