Dear Friends & Family,

What we now experience we may cease experiencing if we have the
will and the imagination to set our vision in an opposite direction and
hold it there. It is the office of the imagination to set the vision. The will should hold it in place until the creative genius of the inner life transforms the image of limitation and transmutes it into liberty under the law.

— Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind Textbook, pg. 418-4

Creativity is our theme this month and what a truly wonderful gift given by the Infinite to each of us. It is through Creativity that we have the freedom to choose our reality. All we have to do to practice our God given birthright of freedom is to connect with that which breathes us and choose thoughts of freedom over any condition.

I was inspired this week by Coco Gauff, who beat her idol, Venus Williams, playing at Wimbledon and the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team winning the World Cup for a record breaking 4th time. Many of those women, if not all, watched their idols as little girls and used their will to hold that vision in place until manifesting their dream.

We each have the ability to move from our old thoughts and patterns to new ones that will allow us to live a life of our dreams. It simply takes a new thought! Yes, Dr. Holmes tells us that it is simple, but not easy. Centers for Spiritual Living has a vision to Create a World that Works for Everyone.

Many of us don’t have a clue what that looks like because up until now that has not been the case. There is currently no mental equivalent for a world that works for everyone. However, I do believe that we can use our gift of imagination to simply create peace, loving kindness to each other and the planet, and an appreciation of the diversity that Spirit created.

If we start from that place, integral systems will naturally manifest that will allow for our dream to manifest. From the words of Megan Rapinoe, “This is my charge to everyone: We have to be better. We have to love more, hate less. We have to listen more, talk less. We’ve got to know that this is everybody’s responsibility … to make this world a better place.”

There are so many of us on the same page these days that I expect that this vision will be made manifest any time now. In the meantime, I will keep doing my own work of being a model for light, love and joy and inspiring hearts around me to do the same.

Love you all,
Rev. Staci