Dear Friends & Family,

We closed out July on a high note. Much appreciation to Oliver LaRay and all those that got up on stage from the Tai Chi class that demonstrated the creative nature of the Law. Oliver set the intention of creating love and joy for our service and the Law said, “Yes”. Then we had a wonderful talk by our guest speaker, Judy Osuna, who showed up in love and expressed joy. Judy reminded us of the symbols of love.

Last night we had special guest speaker, Rima Bonario, who is also facilitating a workshop, called the Q Process. It is scheduled for Saturday, August 17 from 9am-4:30 pm. In my experience if there is one class or workshop that is Life altering, this is it.

The Q Process is what brings to light the shadow side of each of us. It is THE class that allowed me to realize who I have come here to be and move towards that goal. No offense to Science of Mind, but Science of Mind does not address the shadow side of our humanness at all and therefore the prayers to shift our human form quite often do not work. The shadow is subconscious, it makes up our B.S. and we cannot get rid of the shadow; however, we can be conscious of it, shine a light on it, be accepting of it and ultimately embrace it and integrate it.

The Q Process is a time commitment of 7 1/2 hours on a Saturday including a lunch break, three coaching sessions and in total, it is a 21-day process. By the way, if you gone through the Q Process before, you will reap even more benefits the second time around. This will be my fourth time taking it and I look forward to more growth.

Rev. Staci