Dear Friends and Family,

I think that Rev Wanda’s talk was probably my favorite talk she has done thus far. Rev Wanda’s talk title was “None are Free Until All Are Free.” She reminded us that “freedom is the birthright of every living soul,” which is a quote from Dr. Holmes. There is something about that quote that always gives me “hope.”

I realize that in our teaching that we do not “hope” or “wish,” however, as Dr. Holmes also says, “Hope is better than despair.” When I am reminded of the human condition of lack of freedom and the world moving into a place of realization of the inequity and inequality that people of color are still experiencing, then the best I can do is hope.

There is just one of us here. God expresses through each of us, and our oneness is not to be confused with sameness. I wonder if, at some time, I may not have to remind each of us of that point. Anyway, thank you, Rev Wanda, for a powerful talk, and the gift of your humor and insight.

Below is a link to a video that I found to be very powerful. Emmanuel Acho has a whole series called Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man. This is episode 6, the title is White Parents Raising Black Children, and for most of us, that isn’t the case, but this episode has a lot of great information, which may move you to raise awareness around racial issues in the U.S.

Rev Staci