Dear Friends and Family,

I have known Rev. Davine Young for a little over six years now, and I am so grateful that she agreed to give our Sunday message this past week. Her message was heartfelt and spoke to her talk title. “The Truth Shall Set You Free”

She left us kind of on the edge of our seats with what is happening and what is hers to do, and I received word yesterday that a significant shift occurred. I am not at liberty to tell you what is transpiring, and we know it is for good anyway, so those details are not necessary. What is important is the ability to choose courage over Fear.

The ability to acknowledge that what is occurring in any given condition is the first step in resolving all situations. Is there something in your world that you are allowing to make you feel unworthy, unloved, or undervalued? In other words, if you are allowing something to get in the way of your complete Freedom from all discord, then perhaps it is time for you to have the courage to speak up and out so that it can be released.

If you would like some help with this, please reach out to Rev Cheryl, myself, or any of the Practitioners for prayer. Remember that you matter! You are Love and Loved! You are in the equation of when we speak of Creating a World that Works for All.

Much love,
Rev Staci