Dear Friends and Family,

Every morning I turn on my television to the news to watch, but more often just listen to that which might need my prayers. Usually, on Sunday mornings my attention is focused on not only that which is mine personally to pray for, but also that which might be needed to bring to the Las Vegas CSL Community’s minds and hearts.

As a minister, I have the responsibility and privilege to use my voice to raise consciousness. Believe me, that idea never strays too far from my mind and heart. The Sundays that my ministerial duties have me speaking, my focus is on that which plucks at my heartstrings and moves me to Truth. Gratefully, my talk came through by way of a news story in the form of music. The music moved me out of my head, and what my tasks were that morning at the Center, to a group of young men singing on a street corner in Madagascar.

The name of the group is Zaza Kanto. These young men have very limited resources and opportunities financially (by our standards). They have no formal training but they are so very talented. They simply sing and spread joy from their hearts. Their story provided me the opportunity to just feel the presence of the Divine. That is what music does for me. What is it that allows you to re-focus your mind on the Divine?

Maybe it is the sound of children playing. Perhaps a walk in nature? Maybe an afternoon in an art gallery? Laughter with an old friend? Perhaps it is just sitting in the stillness of the morning. I suspect we all know what it is that allows us to realize the feeling of our oneness with all of Life.

If you do not, my challenge for you is to find out what that is for you. We are all mystics. We all know Divine Truth when we hear or feel it. Give yourself the gift of practicing your own mysticism. It is important because as Dr. King said, “I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be, and you can never be what you ought to be until I am what I ought to be.”

We cannot find what we ought to be unless we realize and afford ourselves the opportunity of redirecting our attention to that which is individually soul-stirring.

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In the same way, my heart was moved by the music that was heard on Sunday morning, my heart was equally moved later that afternoon when hearing about Kobe Bryant’s passing. Sunday evening was spent watching all the good that this amazingly talented and gifted man gave to all that knew him. Thank you, Kobe, for your life. In my mind, you are gone too soon, however in the brief time you were with us, you shined as brightly as you can. He inspires me to step up my own game!


 Rev. Staci




Rev Staci