Dear Friends and Family,
I wonder how many times the average person looks at themselves and are not pleased with how they look. How often are we critical, judgmental, and use self-deprecating words about our physical forms?

It seems to me that we, as a society, are consumed with negative thoughts about our bodies, and we seem to live in a state of apology for our bodies. If one is living an apologetic life for how they present physically, then their belief system is one of lack and limitation.

They are using their own individualized law of mind to condemn, judge, and live from a place of unworthiness. Our teaching tells us that any seed planted in the soil of lack, unworthiness, and undeservedness can only produce more of the same.

If you are one, who believes that Universal Intelligence created each in its own image and likeness and that Intelligence is perfect, then how about practicing what you say you believe? That would provide much more peace and joy in each of our individual lives.

While taking on the grand vision of creating a world that works for everyone, let us all remember to “Heal thy self”!

 Happy Valentine’s Day,

Rev. Staci