Dear Friends and Family,

I am very grateful to our members of the Ministry of Prayer Team who provided us with a wonderful Sunday Service about the gift of relationships. Society (Collective Consciousness) has spread a false idea that people are like magnets. As far as magnets are concerned, opposites do attract, however, as people, like attracts like.

We attract into our lives others with like values, views, and even prejudices. When we see something we do not like, it will serve us well to remember that before trying to change the mirror, perhaps we can all look a little deeper and receive the gift of what that relationship is trying to get through to your higher self for its own evolution.

If you are like me, sometimes it is difficult to look at my own reflection, but like so many other things that we do that might be difficult; there is much reward in the commitment of being willing to look at all the many gifts given. My practice this week is to look at that which might be difficult with softer eyes, take a breath, love it anyway, and if I do not like it, be open and willing to change how I am showing up.

Thank you MOP Team for your time, talent and treasure!

I am who I am because of who you are!


 Rev. Staci