Dear Friends & Family,

Rev Cheryl and I spoke about Understanding our Interdependence. We both shared about the realization that each of us as Bishop Bonnie Radden says is somebody’s somebody. In that realization our work is to be the very best somebody we can be because someone is in need of what only you can provide them. Here are a couple things that I read that you may want to contemplate.

“Instead of separation and division, all distinctions make for a rich
diversity to be celebrated for the sake of the unity that underlies
them. We are different so that we can know our need of one another.”-
Believe-The Words and Inspiration of Desmond Tutu

It is reported that Ernest Holmes only used the word interdependent once however our teaching/philosophy seems to be steeped in this concept. “Dr. Holmes says,

“People, things, institutions, methods, sciences, philosophies, all are
good. From each I shall learn everything that I can, but I am still whole
within myself, dependent upon nothing, and yet always interdependent with all things.”

Here is a practice from Thich Nhat Hanh to help us move this idea from our heads to our hearts: when sitting down to eat (or while eating on the ‘run’) consider all the people, minerals, plants, animals, machinery, roads, infrastructure etc. needed so that we can experience that which you are consuming. It is all connected. It all exists for our good!

Love you all,
Rev. Staci