Staci Hilton

No matter what outward appearances may appear, I am always whole, perfect, and complete.

Dear Family and Friends,

I am sure that Rev Wanda gave a delightful talk this past Sunday. Center for Spiritual Living’s theme this month is “Living as Wholeness”. Rev Cheryl and I visited our old stomping grounds in Redondo Beach to celebrate our teacher and mentor, Dr. Moira Foxe, who is now an Emeritus Minister.

The trip was the first time we had seen our colleagues and classmates from Redondo Beach for some time. It was a wonderful opportunity to take a moment (almost literally a moment) and discuss our lives after nearly ten years of ministry. Many stories were shared, laughter, tears, and just a lot of love, so we might not have been with you in person; Rev Cheryl and I did our own work “living as wholeness .”

As this holiday season approaches, I plan to practice more compassion and forgiveness and be more loving in a world that needs just those very things. Will you join me?

Rev Staci