Dear Friends & Family,

“The World cries out for healing…A healing of ethnic, religious, political, national, class and all other rifts of all sorts. The healing of major social evils like drugs, criminality, alcoholism, and family neighborhood, and media violence.” The physical healing of sickness, the healing of hunger, unemployment, environment, human relations, sexual exploitation and child prostitution…


No, there are no ivory towers available for the authentic spiritual healers we can all become once we have just started glimpsing the healing power of blessing. And yes, you can start becoming a spiritual healer in the middle of this page: you could, for instance, put the book down and spend ten minutes blessing the three persons you dislike most on the planet (be they neighbors or faraway dictators), or blessing children living in ghettos, or the inmates of the local jail.


Blessing is one field where the risk of redundancy or unemployment is absolutely nil!”

The Gentle Art of Blessing – Pierre Pradervand, pages 156-157

As Marianne Williamson said, “All are called and few answer”. I am willing to answer, be the spiritual healer, the blesser as well as the blessing. I stand grateful for all of you that are willing to answer along with me. 

My starting point is with the above referenced quote from The Gentle Art of Blessing. I know that there is good in this and cannot wait to see the manifestation of it. I trust, I believe, I have faith and I allow myself to move forward blessing all aspects of life. And So It Is.

Rev. Staci