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is to provide spiritual tools
for personal and global transformation.

is to awaken humanity
to its spiritual magnificence.

is a world that works for everyone.

Dear Friends and Family,


I do not think that we’ve had a more energetic Sunday here at the Las Vegas CSL since before we had to shut down due to COVID-19. The title of Rev Cheryl and my message was “Who We Are.”

Rev Cheryl gave you a little history that you may or may not have known about Las Vegas CSL, and I let you know that both of us are amphibians. Hmm! Which, on the one hand, seems a little silly; however, it was meant to explain to you how we as Centers for Spiritual Living, on the one hand, struggle because we are not the traditional Christian church. Yet, we certainly believe in the teachings of the Great Master Teacher Jesus, as well as Buddha, and so many others.

We live a philosophy that incorporates the Great Truths of each great religion. In addition to our amphibious nature as a teaching, the Las Vegas CSL takes it another step further. Rev Cheryl and I are both African American women that are the spiritual leaders of a predominantly white community. That is not common even at Centers for Spiritual Living. It can be, has been, and probably will continue to be a challenge.

So we realize that we are unique and blessed to be allowed to teach and practice Oneness and also to educate and advocate for the beauty in Diversity. We have no road map and not many mental equivalents. So we continue to love what we do, we do our best, knowing that we are not always understood, and pray that our community realizes each and everything is done to support our Center in the love that we each are.

We both became ministers based upon the mission, purpose, and vision of CSL; that is why we know how important it is for each to align yourselves with them. When you feel the shift of the alignment, that is where the magic happens. It also works the other way as well, and when you are not aligned with something and give up the resistance toward it, there is magic there too.

As always, the choice is each of yours, and we support you wherever you find yourself on your spiritual path.

Rev Staci