Dear Friends & Family,

I trust that each of you had a wonderful weekend. This past weekend many of us celebrated either Passover or Easter, and maybe some of you celebrated both. As we say on Sundays, “wherever you are on your spiritual path, you are welcome here”.

My question to you is, do you know where you are on your spiritual path? I think the beauty of the holiday services with the three Revs is that you get to see and hear our various perspectives about each holiday. By us doing our own work, it allows us to look within and see where our consciousness is at this given point and time. We get to see if we are in alignment with our teaching. Are we now living and growing from a place of our new thoughts and ideas or are we stuck because our beliefs don’t match these new thoughts?

Where has our consciousness shifted, grown or evolved? Dr. Holmes synthesized many truths from the great religions into one and he said that Religious Science is, “Open at the top”. He also very clearly states in his famous Sermon by the Sea that, “We are Religious Science and I am not”. Dr. Holmes was an ordained Divine Science Minister that began a teaching called Religious Science and by his telling us that we as Religious Scientists are to be “open at the top”, suggests to me that we should always be thinking, shifting and evolving toward that which has deeper meaning and gives more life. It is mine to do as not just a Science of Mind Minister, but as a Religious Scientist; to look at where I might be stuck, thinking in an old way that no longer serves me.

This is what is meant by spiritual awareness, which leads to spiritual maturity. Although most of you that are reading this article are not called to be ministers you who call yourselves Science of Mind or Religious Scientist are called to the very same thing. What do you believe? Is it in alignment with who you say you are? Could you express it with clarity? This my friends is for all of us to do. I love and support each of you as you continue to see where you are on this journey called life. If I may be of service to you, please know that I am here. 

Rev Staci