Dear Friends & Family,

We had our Ministry of Prayer Retreat this past weekend in St George, Utah. All of us that were in attendance made it there and back safely and are feeling renewed, refreshed and more in love with ourselves and one another.

Our theme was a New Agreement–Collaborating to Build Community. We began with realizing the level of our commitment and then moving deeper from that point. Our purpose for the retreat was to connect, create and commit from a new and deeper place. I think all of that was achieved in the brief time that we spent together.

Thank you to the Las Vegas Ministry of Prayer Team for being open, willing and accepting of the challenge to dive deep. You always amaze and inspire me with your willingness to be a better you, which makes a better us. Know that you are making a difference that contributes to creating a world that works for everyone.

We are thinking about putting together a retreat for all of the LVCSL community to be a part of so if you have any interest, please reach out and let me know. I believe that would be a wonderful experience for all that would like to attend.


Rev Staci