Dear Family,

We had such a wonderful time on Sunday exploring the writings of Dr. Ernest Holmes, our Founder, in his book entitled, Living the Science of Mind. It was here that Dr. Holmes spoke to us about the idea of opening up a Spiritual Bank Account with the Bank of Life!

Dr. Holmes reminded us that we can only withdraw into our experience what we first deposit into the Bank of Life. In other words, what we put out into life in thought, word and deed, is exactly what life will return to us. So the question becomes: What kind of deposits are we making this week? Because if we make certain deposits, we can be rest assured that we will be able to make some really wonderful withdraws.
Here are a few helpful ‘deposit’ ideas:

Deposit #1:
My mother used to say,
“Do what you do in the world with your whole heart – If you do, the world will always pay you back!”
Deposit #2:
When we are given some guidance by the Divine, as Nike Says: Just Do It! And make a deposit of faith!
When we are given a nudging by the Infinite, Just Do It! And make a deposit of faith!
When we make these kinds of deposits, we build our faith and confidence in the Universe, and when things get a little turbulent in life, we can make a withdraw of faith that will ‘liquidate’ any discord!
Deposit #3:
When life is just swirling around us in doubt and fear, Dr. Holmes tells us not to get caught up in that energy! Rather, he says, “Listen to peace; you will hear it and it will flood your whole being!” Make deposits of Peace! And what we’ve learned is that Peace keeps our minds, bodies and spirits healthy, but that it is also the laboratory where the LAW does Its best work!

What do you say we make some new deposits? I’ll meet you at the Bank of Life!

Love, love, love YOU!
Rev Dan