Dear family,

Let me start with saying, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, REV STACI! 29 AGAIN?????!!!!!!!
This last Sunday, it was fascinating to look at the data that suggests that social interaction/interacting with others – friends and strangers alike – is the strongest predictor that someone is likely to live to be 100 years or more!
Well, guess what? If you’re looking for a place to ‘interact’ with others, look no further – The Center is your place! In honor of Rev Staci’s Birthday, she is kicking off the “40 Days of Random Acts of Kindness” Event. Why not try to do something for another human or furry being every day?
How about meeting us this Saturday, (September 8th), at 8:00 am at Opportunity Village? Come interact with other volunteers as we decorate the Magical Forrest for my favorite Holiday – Halloween!
If you continue to go through the E-Bulletin, you’ll see the Heart of Peace Meditation, Friday Night Movie, the big Fiesta night for great food and dancing! And I’m not allowed to say too much right now, but our Education Director, Rev Cheryl, is putting the finishing touches on a very exciting Fall Class Schedule, which she will be rolling out soon!
If you are feeling disconnected from people or life, the best way to wash those feelings away is to get together with others to do good for others.
In the words of Ben Lesser, the Holocaust Survivor, quoted as part of our talk this last Sunday:
“Life is wonderful! Be Positive! Help wherever you can!”
Might I suggest that we each jump into one of the wonderful opportunities at the Center? I guarantee that if you do, you will truly see how wonderful life is. You’ll be around other positive people, which is the surest way to kick-start being positive. And you will be able to help others, and never forget, “You can’t squirt perfume on another and not get a little on yourself!”
By the way, I consider myself to be a wonderful bottle of Chanel No. 5!
A Bazillion Blessings,

Rev Dan