Dear Family,

For those that were not in service last week, my talk consisted of a conversation with my higher self about being off track with my personal finances. It could be explained away by my decision to do less real estate this year however my natural tendency is toward spending money. While there is nothing wrong with that, my belief system (probably most of our belief system’s) tell me that it is necessary to cut back spending when your income declines. The result for me ended up with me practicing my financial giving very sloppily and being neglectful of financial gifts.

I am grateful for the opportunity that this talk gave me to move myself back on track. As a matter of fact, I went to the mailbox Monday and opened up a letter from the Nielsen Ratings Survey and there was a one dollar bill enclosed. It also promised $5.00 to be sent if I filled out the survey. The survey is filled out and has been mailed. My path to wealth has been recreated. If you, like me, have falling off track with giving of your financial gifts, just dust yourself off and get back on. It’s never too late!

By the way, the universe gives back in kind that which you give. If you want more money give more money and if you want more time, give more of your time. If you are looking to gain some free time, we could certainly use your help as a volunteer in the bookstore, as a greeter, in the hospitality department or as an usher. If you are interested, please contact me. I promise you, it works if you work it!

Rev Staci