Dear family,

What a wonderful Sunday we had as we explored, shared and gained a fuller understanding of the Truth in our lives! I was so impressed with how willing everyone was to examine and explore the newest revelation about Easter and the truth of the Easter Bunny. For those that were not there on Sunday, I have included the link, so you, too, can examine this truth for yourself:


I also received many requests for the prayer I read on Sunday as part of my talk. This prayer brought a wonderful physical healing in my life, and I pass it along with the knowingness that it will do the same for you. It is from a little book entitled, Your Needs Met, written by Jack and Cornelia Addington.


God, the only Power, is right where I am, and is everywhere present. It is perfect. It is complete. It is Whole. It is Life Itself. I am one with this perfect Life and It is one with each person. I abide in It and It abides in me.
I now speak my word for perfect health. It is not necessary to analyze the cause of my condition for I know that the Infinite Power of God is healing it now. The Power flows through me as continuous Life, cleansing, perfecting, restoring the balance of Life according to Its own unchanging perfection. In Truth, I have never been out of balance for I am God’s perfect expression right where I am.
Right now I surrender my fears to the Divine Law of Life. I open the flood gates and let the river of Life wash me clean. God’s creation is perfect. God’s Life is my life. I am whole and entire. God “restoreth my soul” and my body is likewise restored.
For this I give thanks.
And so it is.

A  bazillion Blessings!,

Rev Dan