Dear family,

The message last Sunday entitled, You Are A Spiritual Broadcasting Station, reminded us that the entire universe is made of energy; that the only thing that moves this energy is mind; and that when the mind thinks a thought, it creates / sends out vibrational activity; which is used by the Law to create diverse physical forms. It truly is as if we are broadcasting stations, continually sending out vibrations and signals to the Universe. The good news is we can choose what signals we broadcast, which literally means that we have the ability to create what we want to show up in our lives!

Dr. Ernest Holmes’ brother, Fenwicke Holmes, wrote a marvelous book entitled, The Law of Mind in Action. On page 98, he tells us: “It is quite clear from this, I believe, that it is of inestimable importance that whatever enters the mind should be of the highest quality and character, since it is to furnish the material out of which the models of things are to be made.”

In other words, it’s time that we become very aware of the thoughts we think. Or better said, it’s time that we become the very best Broadcasting Stations we can be by thinking the very best thoughts we can think, so we send the very best signals out to the Law, so we can have the very best lives we can imagine!

Maybe today, you are thinking you want to become a new radio station. Maybe you want to become Station WHPY (Station HAPPY)! As always, the Center has resources to help you do just that! Might I suggest that you consider taking Practitioner Dasie’s class, based on Fenwicke Holmes’ book mentioned above? I can honestly say, having taken her class before, that Dasie is a delightful, talented, wise and loving teacher, who helped me become a whole new Broadcasting Station! I know for sure that Dasie can help you ‘switch your channel’, so you can become the radio station you’ve always dreamed you could be!

With All My Love,

Rev Dan