Dear Friends & Family,

To all the Preciou Mothers in the World,
You come in many sizes – from small to very big,
Some with feathers, others with fur, some even wear a wig!
Some of you walk, while others crawl and fly,
But none of you miss a thing, you always keep a watchful eye.
Some of you serve worms and bugs and things from the trees,
I’m so thankful mine just cooked mac and cheese!
You all look so different, act and behave in your own way,
But something very magical happens about this time in May.
We celebrate, we cheer, we send kisses through the air,
There is gladness and thankfulness and joy everywhere.
For there is a day, a special day it’s true,
A day set aside to celebrate that idea of you!
For you, dear moms, as different as you may seem,
All have one thing in common, it puts you on the same Team.
You loved us with your hearts and gave us what you knew.
You helped through life’s test, the little and big ones, too!
You say you could have done it better, knowing what you know,
All these things you say, and perhaps it may be so.
But one thing is for sure, and this puts you above the rest,
There isn’t any doubt that you give us all your best!
So on this day, let there not be one cloud,
For you are our moms, for this we are so proud.
And one more thing you must know too,
You are magnificent, and amazing, and WE LOVE YOU!

Sending love to all our wonderful moms,

Rev. Dan