Dear Friends & Family,

This last Sunday we watched how three individuals manifested some very wonderful things in their lives. The first was May McCarthy, the author of one of my favorite books The Path to Wealth. May described a time when she faced a dire situation that could have cost her company millions of dollars. She turned her attention away from the problem and began to affirm that a new and wonderful solution was presenting itself! And, in fact, a new and wonderful solution presented itself, which not only solved the current problem at hand, but offered a much greater opportunity for sales to other clients!

The second individual was described by Mary Morrissey, in her amazing new work Prosperity plus III. Mary tells the story of a man who discovered that he had been having the same conversation about the lack of money every month…his entire life! Mary illustrated how this man reprogrammed his thinking and his speaking to be in alignment with a new ‘more money than month’ mentality. What manifested in just three, short months was astonishing!

And thirdly, I told the story of a gentleman who longed to achieve a greater level of success at his long-time place of employment. Yet every time this individual thought about this, negative thoughts poured into his mind. Thoughts about it being too late and him being too old!

He began to write affirmations and placed them all over his office. He wrote Spiritual Mind Treatments for his own worthiness and for having this new good in his life. And in very short order, he received a letter from the President and CEO of his company inviting him to participate in a nine-month training adventure. This training would prepare him to be one of the leaders that would help move the company into the future! This was an incredible demonstration that far exceeded anything he could have ever imagined!

Dr. Holmes reminds us in the Science of Mind on Page 448 that,
“Man’s experience is the logical outcome of his inner vision; his horizon is limited to the confines of his own consciousness.”

Where is it that you might need to turn your attention away from a problem, so you can begin to focus on what you truly want? Where might you need to reprogram your thinking to change a lifelong, limiting belief? Where might you need to affirm your worthiness for that which you desire?

Let this be the week that you change your thinking, because there is a wonderful solution, an astonishing manifestation, incredible demonstration waiting to burst into your life!

Love, Love, Love,

Rev. Dan