To My Dear Family,

 I would like to take a moment and encourage each of you to come to the Center this Sunday because….drum roll please….May McCarthy will be “in the house”! She will be doing the Sunday Talk for our service and then will be doing a two-hour workshop on her new book entitled, The Gratitude Formula – A 7-step Success System to Create a Life That You Love!

If you aren’t sure who May is, she is the author of the book Path to Wealth, which she brought to our Center a year and a half ago. Personally, this book literally changed my life, and I have used it every day since as part of my daily spiritual practice. It has, without a doubt, played a significant role in helping me create an exquisite life!

Well, it’s time to kick it up a notch, and May’s newest work is sure to take each of us to the next level in becoming a Masterful, Manifesting Machine! Please consider bringing a friend, your spouse, your uncle, your aunt, nephew, niece, cousin, grandmother, grandfather, great grandmother, great grandfather, co-workers, colleagues and their friends…and their friends, too! You will be giving them the gift of hearing one of the most powerful speakers and authors of our time, which I just know will change their lives!

And if you really, really, really, really want to give everyone you love another boost this weekend, how about bringing all the same folks to Patty Powers’ concert on Friday night? Patty and Dave are putting together an evening of incredible musical talent, which I know is going to be hailed as the “Concert of the Year in Las Vegas”! You just don’t want to miss this!

This is going to be an amazing weekend at the Center, and everything you need to know about both events can be found below.

I love you all – I’ll see you there!

Rev. Dan