Dear Family,

After watching a bit of the news this week, I found myself focusing on lack of cooperation and collaboration, conflict and closures. I could feel myself becoming very frustrated and even angry at how I saw things unfolding at the highest levels of our government, and how it was impacting its citizens.

What I realized, however, during my spiritual practice was that the more I watched it, the more I internalized it, the more I complained about it, the more angry and frustrated I became about it, the more I became part of the cause of it. We can never forget, as we discussed last Sunday, that our thoughts, words and feelings are the ingredients that THE THING ITSELF uses to create what shows up in our world. That is HOW IT WORKS!

So I quickly realized that I was becoming a very part of, and a contributory cause of what I was seeing in the world. Right then and there, I made the decision to use the power of my thinking to create what I wanted to experience in my life and in my country.

So, I began to repeat the following affirmation throughout my day:

“With every thought I think, I create love, harmony, peace, joy, abundance and a world that works for everyone!”

I just love how I am feeling and what I am creating right now!

Join me and start thinking better, feeling better and creating better!

Try it, you’ll like it!

Love you all – see you Sunday!

Rev. Dan